Your appointment with Dr. Gedroic

Your first appointment with Dr. Gedroic will last approximately ninety minutes. During this time, Dr. Gedroic will gain a thorough understanding of your health history, at times dating back to childhood.  Most chronic medical conditions begin with years of “small” symptoms that later become bigger medical issues.  It is identification of these earlier events that is critical in understanding the root cause of every case at GMI.  Some questions that could be asked include:

How healthy were your parents, and what was your home environment like when you were growing up? Were you born via vaginal delivery or C-section? Did you drink formula or were you breastfed? What was your early infancy and childhood health like? What kind of foods did you eat while you were growing up?  Were you sick as a child?  Were you sick as a teenager or young adult?  

These kinds of questions help Dr. Gedroic uncover the foundation for everyone’s health and determine how strong the “Balancers” are that are needed to recover wellness.

Other questions discussed pertain to stressors on a patient’s system: When did the symptoms develop, how did they evolve and in what order? What was your living environment at different times in your life? Has there been any known exposure to mold, insect bites, pets, and anything that could have added to why you feel unwell, including any foreign travel, hobbies like painting and gardening, and exposure to chemicals in the home or in your environment?

Dr. Gedroic explores everything with each patient in an effort to identify when and how the symptoms began. Symptoms are Dr. Gedroic’s clues along the way. They tell her a great deal about the ultimate diagnosis.

“As doctors, instead of blunting symptoms with medication, we must start to interpret them to correct the underlying health issues,” says Dr. Gedroic.

After your discussion with Dr. Gedroic, a thorough physical exam will be performed.  After your physical exam is complete, bloodwork will be drawn and test panels created depending on what Dr. Gedroic has uncovered during your session.

Follow-up sessions with Dr. Gedroic are much shorter (typically 30 minutes) and are done intermittently during treatment to monitor progress and at the completion of active care.  On average, patients complete active care within 6-9 months.  Once active care has been completed, patients can determine whether they would like to participate in our subsequent health monitoring and maintenance platform, or Optimal Wellness Program.