I have been in the healthcare industry for over 35 years and have also suffered with Lyme disease and its various complications for almost 40 years. I have reached out to the most sophisticated practitioners and facilities in the country with no productive guidance, diagnosis, or treatment for what became almost devastating symptoms with life-altering implications. Dr. Gedroic is an amazing diagnostician and, as important a unique thinker in the health field. Uniquely, she has an amazing ability to find the “cause” of a variety of challenging health conditions and implement a treatment protocol to allow for a manageable and permanent reversal of a variety of health conditions. I believe her method of diagnostics and causative treatment is a necessary change in the medical paradigm. She is literally a life saver!!
— Keith
Every day I count my blessings that I found Dr. Gedroic when I did. After over a year of working with our pediatrician to figure out the source of my son’s chronic discomfort (with zero results), Dr. Gedroic was able to almost immediately diagnose, treat, and resolve all symptoms. Instead of merely treating the symptoms, she found the root cause of them. For the first time I have a happy and healthy toddler, and both of our eyes have been opened to healthier and cleaner living. Thank you, Dr. Gedroic! Our lives are forever changed.
— Erica
I’ve had the great opportunity to work with Dr. Gedroic and her team. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them; from the personalized attention, to the leading edge holistic medical approaches, to the brilliant team who are there every step of the way. For anyone who has struggled to identify the root cause of a chronic illness, there is no better place to go to feel healthy and strong once again.
— Jean
I suffer from a complicated and chronic disease. Dr Gedroic is fully committed to every aspect of my healing journey and has a brilliant mind. The staff and nurses at Gedroic Medical Center are incredibly competent and caring. It is a warm, relaxing and clean environment. You never have to wait, they are always on time!!! Dr Gedroic will get to the root cause of your disease and will not give up until you are well again.
— Wendy
Dr. Gedroic has overcome chronic illness herself and she knows the devastation of debilitating symptoms that can rob your quality of life. I suffered years with allergies, eczema, bladder infections, fatigue, joint pain, and mental imbalances from parasites, viruses, and lyme coinfections. Using her scientific approach, she has strategically cleansed my foundation and awakened my immune system to return to its rightful place. She knows that my body is constantly changing, responding to infections and she diligently acknowledges this in her ongoing care. Her institute not only provided powerful treatment, but staff for my mind and body to have the tools and detox techniques for physical relief and emotional healing which all goes hand and hand to my recovery. My commitment to following her protocol has proven that our bodies are able to heal! It is worth the fight to end chronic infections and restore my body to naturally defend and thrive again the way God intended it.
— Marissa
Dr. Gedroic sets the bar for a level of care at a point that my family has never before witnessed. After eight months of running from doctor to doctor with nothing but shrugs of shoulders and more “her tests all look ok” than I can keep track of, we got Mom in to see Dr. Gedroic. Mom was far from ok and deteriorating quickly by this point. Immediately following the initial consult, things were in motion in all directions. Referrals to a hand picked neurologist and infectious disease specialist were on the calendar, expedited lab results on the way and constant communication and updates from our patient care coordinator.

Here are a few descriptive words that best encapsulate Kristine Gedroic: thorough, attentive, brilliant, genuine, determined, deep thinking, open minded and focused. Her staff is stellar and provides the infrastructure to execute what I deem to be Dr. Gedroic’s primary desire....get patients healthy whom have previously not been able to do so. It is beyond comforting to know that my mom is under the care of such a competent medical professional. Her referrals to other specialists have been superb and she truly has created a staff and extended team that is top notch. My mom’s treatment plan is in place and while we cannot yet do a “victory dance”, she is well on her way and we will have Dr. Gedroic and crew to thank. If only more doctors within our broken healthcare system were willing to apply some of what is going on at the Gedroic Institute, we’d have a healthier population for sure. Thank you Dr. Gedroic.
— Michael
Dr Gedroic has a unique approach to uncovering the different causes of illness and helping her patients find the road to wellness. Her ability to truly listen to her patients and work together to formulate the best plan is like nothing I have ever seen before. Having Dr. Gedroic on my team proved invaluable when dealing with very serious illnesses in my family. She is the most caring and genuine doctor I have ever worked with. She continuously thinks outside the box, implementing individual approaches to different illnesses and keeping her patients health and well-being consistently her top priority.
— Staci
After two years of traditional treatment for Multiple Myeloma, I began working with Dr. Gedroic to treat my cancer. Not only was she willing to coordinate care with my team of doctors, but her treatment has dramatically improved my current situation and future outcome. Her approach to treating cancer has complemented my other treatment plans and the positive test results confirm that her protocol is working. she is a visionary in health and wellness and her philosophy and approach is essential in this day and age. I highly recommend Dr. Gedroic and firmly believe that she will play a part in changing the role of medicine and health care in a time when so many people are plagued with illness and disease.
— Tom
Dr. Gedroic cured the underlying causes of my complex chronic illness. She evolves with cutting-edge research, which allowed her to diagnose my Lyme disease, various co-infections, and toxic mold exposure. I truly believe the Gedroic Medical Institute gave me my future back. I was given the knowledge and tools to stay well, and was recently accepted to medical school.
— Abby