The Gedroic Medical Institute was founded by Kristine Gedroic, MD, over thirteen years ago as a way to treat illness and disease in a whole new way. Dr. Gedroic was inspired to transform medicine as it’s practiced today after she had her own health incident, which landed her in the ICU with many doctors unable to determine why.  


Determining that “why” is what we do for patients every day. Why are they not feeling well? Why are they chronically ill? Why are their bodies not performing as they were meant to, to keep them healthy?  

Our mission is to precisely determine the underlying causes of a patient’s illness, create a targeted and effective treatment plan, and to restore and fortify a patient’s immune system and microbiome to defend against future disease.

 “I often liken health to a seesaw. When balanced, we feel well. When out of balance, we don’t feel well, symptoms manifest themselves and, if continually ignored, disease sets in. In fact, most disease today means too much of something that shouldn’t be there causing a stress on the system (i.e., a toxin or an infection) or too little of something that should be there resulting in a deficiency of key balancers (i.e., essential nutrients the cells need to stay healthy). Once health begins being viewed in these dynamic three-dimensional terms and healing is directed at balancing out the seesaw again, one can see how true recovery might be possible.”

—Kristine Gedroic, MD

Today, we use precision-based epigenetic medicine to determine exactly why patients are sick. Our approach is unparalleled, and is the topic of Dr. Gedroic’s debut book, A Nation of Unwell: What’s Gone Wrong?

At the Gedroic Medical Institute, we have successfully restored health to thousands of patients with nearly every chronic condition. These include autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, complex chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, gut dysbiosis and microbiome disturbance, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), inflammatory bowel disorders, mold illness/mycotoxicosis, degenerative neurological disorders, neurological conditions, neuropsychiatric illnesses, bipolar disorder, acute and chronic Lyme disease, and more.

We also develop and nurture healing partnerships with each of our patients to ensure they have the tools they need to maintain a lifetime of optimal wellness.

What is Epigenetic Medicine?

This concept of epigenetics is an emerging but powerful concept in medicine today. Epigenetics is everything that has happened to us “after birth.” Our genetics are what we are born with, the DNA and genes that came from our biological parents. Most of what is happening in medicine today is “epigenetic,” meaning it develops from gestation over a lifetime.

Most patients believe that they suffer from “genetic conditions” like depression, high cholesterol, and/or high blood pressure. But most of these conditions are actually “epigenetic,” meaning that they occur independent of our DNA and genetics. When we’re created, we receive a copy of DNA from our biological mother and a copy from our biological father. During gestation, this DNA and its ability to produce healthy “genes” is influenced by many factors, including Mom’s nutrition, exposure to toxins, lifestyle, stress, and other factors. Once we are born, our DNA continues to be influenced by our environment in a similar way, and almost all modern disease states are the result of these processes affecting our genes. Epigenetic conditions can be treated and reversed since they have happened “to our DNA” and are not the direct result “of our DNA.” Most diseases are often the result of similar stressors or “epigenetic effects” occurring within families, with diet and lifestyle being key. It means that the same stressors on Mom or Dad are occurring in us, and our elevated blood pressure or elevated cholesterol, for example, is a reflection of that.

It used to be that it took decades of stress on the human body before these conditions set in, but sadly, the onslaught of epigenetic effects is starting to affect us younger and younger with these conditions now on the rise in the pediatric population.

Knowing how to better understand and regulate our epigenetics, we can be more effective at resisting and resolving these chronic conditions. The Gedroic Medical Institute tests for and treats epigenetic markers, helping a patient return to an improved state of health.  

How Our Microbiome Plays a Role

The microbiome is the largest “organ” in our body.  It is comprised of well over 37 trillion microbes, with almost ten bacterial cells to every one human cell. Most of our metabolism is dictated by our microbiome, a field called metabolomics. The microbiome is also responsible for our neurological and psychiatric health, as well as the proper functioning of our immune system. The state of our microbiome also determines whether we have chronic inflammation, autoimmunity, and allergies. Helping to regulate the microbiome is essential to being able to improve health. At The Gedroic Medical Institute we actively work to improve the health of the microbiome in order to recover patients’ health.