Optimal Wellness Program

With the passing of each year at the Gedroic Medical Institute, more “graduates” of the Practice who have regained their health express a desire to return for regular check-ups and/or maintenance protocols. As the number of patients recovered at our practice has grown, so too has our awareness of the need to help our past graduates monitor their health subsequent to recovery in order to maintain and optimize their wellness.

We wish for all of our graduates, continued, illness-free health and we believe that periodic check-ups could be very insightful to ensure health is maintained post-recovery. This is the purpose of our Optimal Wellness Program, which includes:

  • An annual visit with Dr. Gedroic for a physical and to review changes in health Routine lab work

  • A complete epigenetic profile and treatment program for resolution of pertinent findings

  • One microbiome analysis per year to identify imbalances in the gut that may be creating a state of imbalance. More frequent monitoring can be arranged if desired (e.g., every six months). Any abnormalities would then be addressed with a targeted treatment plan geared towards returning you to an optimal state of health.

  • Access to a Patient Care Coordinator to collect and relay information to/from Dr. Gedroic in anticipation of your annual visit or next scheduled microbiome analysis.

If you wish to participate, we ask that you call the Institute and schedule both your laboratory work and exam. 

All former patients not enrolled in this Program and who are no longer under active care will be referred to Dr. Gedroic’s nurse practitioner, Teresa Conklin. Teresa provides urgent care visits, along with routine health visits, outside of our Wellness Program. Should a patient’s condition warrant a return to active care, Teresa will inform Dr. Gedroic and a visit will be scheduled accordingly.