An Open Colonic Session

Regular waste removal is critical to a healthy, balanced body. While a body in balance and optimal health should be able to regularly push out feces—removing waste and toxins from the body—this is not the case with countless people today, especially in those who are constipated. In these situations, food is fermenting in the gut and toxins are building up in the body. The use of open colonics has been invaluable at reducing the internal “sludge” that develops in patients’ bodies, in essence clearing “the clog in the drain” so everything can flow better.

We use the Angel of Water system - the world’s premier colon irrigation system. Each colonic lasts approximately sixty minutes from start to finish.


During an open colonic, each patient is in a private, comfortable room. Our licensed practitioner, Annette Gessner, explains the process to each patient and then leaves the room to give the patient privacy. During the procedure, low-flow warm water is gently flushed through the colon, using a sterile plastic tube. Several gentle techniques, including abdominal massage— can be done, if necessary and desired by the patient, by our licensed practitioner while the colonic is being performed to help stimulate the bowels to release the internal sludge from the upper gut or small intestine.

Some patients report abdominal cramping during the procedure, but these side effects can be reduced by abdominal massage and in some cases, by a heating pad which is placed over the abdomen.