A Nation of Unwell: What Went Wrong?

The body is like a seesaw, explains Dr. Gedroic in A Nation of Unwell. Our individual “seesaw” can get tipped from a nutrient-deficient diet, an unhealthy gut, toxins in the environment around us, and rampant inflammation. When our body gets out of balance, symptoms begin.

“Symptoms are the body’s only way of communicating with us,” explains Dr. Gedroic in this book lauded by top doctors and best-selling authors Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Andrew Weil, and Dr. Mehmet Oz. “Rather than medicating and quieting these symptoms, we need to discover their root causes to be able to effectively treat and help the body recover its health, for good.”

In this book, Dr. Gedroic reveals:

• How to listen to and understand your symptoms and disease in a whole new way

• How to determine what your body needs when symptoms begin

• How to give your diet, personal care products, lifestyle, and environment a makeover for better health, starting today

• How to get started on the path to wellness with a simple two-week plan

With this book, health and wellness are truly within everyone’s reach!

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