New Patient Information

We are delighted that you are interested in becoming a patient at the Gedroic Medical Institute (“GMI”). We have worked with over 6,000 patients with complex, chronic illness. In recent years, our ability to recover patients in less that one year has exceeded 90 percent. This level of success has been achieved despite the large number of our patients that have been sick for many years and who had previously seen multiple medical specialists.

When we accept a patient at GMI, it means that we are making a commitment to recovering that patient and will remain involved with care until the mutually established health goal has been reached. Infrequently, there are times when our methods are not sufficient to achieve optimal wellness and a referral is needed. GMI will remain in charge of these cases to ensure that the patient navigates whatever additional care is required in the most seamless manner. We believe that in order to truly heal, it is important to trust the doctor-patient relationship and we do everything in our power to earn your trust. 

Our staff is similarly committed to optimal patient outcomes. Every active patient at the Institute is assigned to a specific Patient Care Coordinator (“PCC”) who will be in charge of knowing the details of the patient’s case and care. This minimizes confusion regarding a patient’s plan of care and ensures efficient patient communication with the Institute through their designated PCC. Our team will continuously reach out to patients under care to optimize their treatment experience throughout the process. It’s simply because we not only care but also truly want our patients to regain their health as quickly as possible.

We understand that making the commitment to be treated in a more intensive manner (most of our patients require IVs to recover) can take some time and thought. We ask every patient to read this memo first before spending time with our Patient Care Director, Kaitlyn DeSimone on the phone. Kaitlyn is able to answer any questions about the Institute and its treatment methods.

Most of our patients reach their wellness goals in 6 months or less, some require a bit more time, but almost always in less than 1 year. Once patients are no longer ill, we encourage them as “graduates” to return to the Institute once a year for annual screening to ensure they maintain their good health. This has worked out very well for our patients and is our method of “prevention”. You can read more about our Optimal Wellness Program here

If this is the type of individualized care you’ve been looking for please fill out the New Patient Inquiry Form below.